Hratch Gaydzagian

Lebanese Armenian singer.

In addition in performing in Armenian (cultural, national, country, folkloric and love songs) he entertains the crowd in Arabic, English, Greek, Spanish and Italian languages.

He is well known throughout the Armenian Diaspora and has been to all the major countries where Armenian communities exist.

1- “Siro vokin” (1996)

2- “Tou insts ches hishoum” (1999)
3- “Miasin enk” (2004)


(part of a report by Azad-Hye)

The Armenians of Abu Dhabi are familiar with the name of this artist. In 2002 Hratch Gaydzagian was invited to the Armenian Annual Dancing Ball in Crowne Plaza Hotel (7th March 2002) on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Armenian Council of Abu Dhabi. Mereille Harboian, another singer from Lebanon, and Garo Gomidas, a Syrian-Armenian singer accompanied Hratch in this live and memorable performance. Seto Baghdassarian arranged for the musical set-up.

Less than three months from that event, Hratch Gaydzagian was invited again to perform in Abu Dhabi (Millennium Hotel, 30th May 2002) on the occasion of the Republic Day of Armenia. During his stay in Abu Dhabi, Leila Sheikhli, the famous presenter of Abu Dhabi TV invited Hratch Gaydzagian to perform in her live show (“Dunia”). Hratch sang a traditional Armenian song, accompanied with the dancing group of the Armenian weekly school of Abu Dhabi.

Hratch has been in Dubai in 2001, when he was invited to join the “Mansour Rahbani”s Al Moutanabi theatrical dance show, during which he performed an Armenian folkloric song to the excitement of the thousands of spectators present.

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