Aram Catholicos inaugurates the newly built Chemberdjian library in Aleppo

Aram Catholicos inaugurates the newly built Chemberdjian library in Aleppo

Opening of a new library in AleppoANTELIAS, Lebanon – His Holiness Aram I inaugurated the newly built ?Chemperdjian Library? in Aleppo on May 22. The library was built recently on the initiative of the Armenian Prelacy of Aleppo and next to its building. The philanthropists who funded the project attended the inauguration in addition to the Armenian attach? to Aleppo, Arthur Mangassarian, representatives from the Diocese and a large public.


Following a brief cultural entertainment program, Primate Bishop Shahan Sarkissian stressed the importance of the new library and expressed gratitude to the Chemberdjian brothers who readily funded the initiative by donating 40,000 dollars.


His Holiness delivered his blessings, praising this beautiful phenomenon in the life of the Armenian community of Aleppo. He also commended the work carried out by the several other libraries in Aleppo. On this occasion the Pontiff highlighted the essential role of Armenian books in Armenian cultural life and pointed out that it is not enough to only publish Armenian books; it is also important to read them to get in touch with our intellectual-spiritual values. The Catholicos also praised the donors, who have on several occasions supported the initiatives of the Prelacy in Syria out of a commitment to national life.


During his visit to Syria, the Pontiff also visited the library established by the director of the Armenian Affairs Department of the Gulbenkian Foundation, Dr. Zaven Yegavian, praising this important cultural achievement.





ANTELIAS, Lebanon – His Holiness Aram I will award the ?Cilician Prince? medal to Mr. And Mrs. Gabriel Chemberdjian from the Armenian community of Aleppo during a special event in the hall of the Veharan after the holy Mass next Sunday.


Upon the request of His Holiness, Mr. Chembedrjian has made several important donations during the last few years towards the development of educational, cultural and humanitarian fields in Lebanon, Syria and Armenia. He has dedicated half a million dollars for the renovation of the Veharan in Antelias and its adjacent parts.


Mr. Chemberdjian has recently embarked on a personal initiative, with the blessings of the Pontiff, to build a hospital for the local population of Der-Zor as an expression of gratitude for the love and support shown by the Arab people to the survivors of the Armenian Genocide.


Photos: Catholicos celebrates the opening of Chemberdjian Library next to the Prelacy of Aleppo, 22 May 2007.


Opening of a new library in Aleppo

  1. kevork boroyan May 15, 2008, 5:21 am

    My sincere congratulations for this happy and useful initiative. The benefits of this project may well be felt beyond the frontiers of the host country.

    For this, the address (postal and e-mail) with the phone number may help those who want to get in touch with the responsibles.

    Thanks in advance for your confirmation mail.

    Kevork BOROYAN

    63, Rue Paul cazeneuve

    69008, Lyon FRANCE

    E-mail: [email protected]


    The address of the Library can be obtained through or Aleppo Prelacy telephone: 0096321 3622310


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