Armenia Village Operation saves another village

Armenia Village Operation saves another village

Garnahovit projectGarnahovit Village – Aragatsotn Region, Armenia

Armenia Village Operation (AVO) a non-profit organization founded by Hilda Grigorian of Glendale, California, in partnership with Community Development NGO (Armenia) successfully completed another  project by providing drinking water to over 36 families of a total 500  population at rural village of Garnahovit in Aragatsotn region.

Garnahovit is a rural village nestled in Aragatsotn region, around 20km from Talin, the closest urban city. 

Garnahovit suffers from high unemployment and poverty rate as well as poor road infrastructure which isolates the villages from neighboring rural areas during fall and winter months. For the past three decades, this village had no access to running water, which caused a major problem in agriculture and animal husbandry, both being the main source of income for the population. Community members, mainly women traveled over 2 km up the hill, carrying heavy buckets to gain access to drinking water at the neighboring village.

Armenia Village Operation (AVO) with a generous donation made by Johnny Sahagian implemented the project by providing materials and technical resources to the community members to construct a water pipeline and transfer running water from neighboring village to a centralized location and expansion of pipes to provide water to entire village households. This project was implemented from inception to completion by community members and supervision of Community Development NGO.

During opening ceremony, village leader, Andranik Gevorgian praised donors for their contribution and emphasized the importance of this project, he said  ?our village is underserved and no attention is given to this village due to location proximity, our people suffered for over 30 years due to lack of water, now thanks to our donors, we cherish every drop of water. This project will help us to promote agriculture and generate a stable income for the entire village?. 

Hilda Grigorian commanded the work of the community and added ?this is another success story of community working together to build a better community, this is a living proof of how a small fund can have a major impact in rural development?.

Armenia Village Operation (AVO) is a registered 501 (c )3 in U.S. and a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Armenia, for more information about AVO, visit

Source: Press Release by Armenia Village Operation.

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