Armenians reply to Saudi columnist's unwitting article

Armenians reply to Saudi columnist's unwitting article

Azad-Hye Special

On 29 April 2010, just several days after the Armenian Genocide commemoration, Saudi columnist Hussein Shobokshi signed an article in the widely read Arabic daily “Asharq Alawsat” published in London, where he described the Armenian quest for justice as a hurdle in the way of Turkish ? Arab rapprochement.

Shobokshi went to great extend to demonstrate his wholehearted approval of the Turkish involvement in the Arab World, urging Armenians to support that policy (and consequently stop their fight for justice), the way he assumes Arabs would be doing.

His article was titled “Are you with us or not?” (”us” here does not necessarily mean the honest and justice-seeking Arabs).

With his biased attitude against the Armenians, Shobokshi tried to stir the Arab public opinion against the Armenian communities in the Arab World, depicting them as a thorn in the Arab-Turkish flourishing relationship.   

Although one misguided article cannot change the Arab public's view about the Armenians, nevertheless it was necessary to explain the Armenian position on the topics Shobokshi wanted to raise.

The editorial team of Armenian website posted a detailed answer to the writer (click here). Other commentators suggested sending the writer to Armenia to see the reality with his own eyes, although, Azad-Hye believes that this will not change the biased attitude of Shobokshi. His line of writing is clearly geared to satisfy a certain public that believes in conspiracy theories. Following the old Bedouin concept of ?the enemy of my friend is my enemy?, Shobokshi's views are understandable, but void of any morality.

We have encountered several Arab writers, who on the basis of the common religious faith with Turkey and as a consequence of the “golden rule” of supporting friends even in injustice, are driven to praise and glorify Turkey, but still they do not do that on the expense of the Armenians and their sufferings.

Reading Hussein Shobokshi's article, you would easily sense that the writer is almost ready to brand his Arab kinsmen who revolted against the Ottoman rules in the World War I as traitors. We wonder what would be his views about the Arab intellectuals (Muslims and Christians) who were hanged by the Ottoman Governor in 1915 and 1916 for their aspirations for Arab liberty.

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