Christmas bazaars in Dubai, Al Ain and Sharjah

Christmas bazaars in Dubai, Al Ain and Sharjah

Nirva Narguizian and Sonia Ayvazian

Nirva Narguizian (left)

and Sonia Ayvazian (right)
Azad-Hye special


This year the Community?s Christmas bazaar took place in three different locations: Dubai (30 November), Al Ain (2 December) and Sharjah (7-8 December). 


Taking this opportunity we met with several members in the Community, who were the active force behind these festive events:


Nirva Narguizian: 
How long it takes to prepare the Christmas bazaar?
This kind of work requires several months of preparatory work. Especially the last month is important and needs extensive attention and follow-up. We had ten volunteer ladies and two young girls involved with us this year. We would have wished to have more young volunteers. Let us hope for more volunteers next year.


What is the origin of the items in display?
There are many hand-made items prepared by our ladies throughout the year, based on different Armenian patterns and motifs. There are other samples brought from Armenia or from different trips abroad.


How do you invite participants to this event?
We usually send circular to all members of the community encouraging them to participate in this bazaar. On the other hand we try to find out new active members who wish to join us.


What is the aim of the bazaar?
The bazaar aims at supporting the community expenses. Therefore it is not the right place to ?bargain? for best deals. The visitors usually know the purpose behind the bazaar. It is a way to contribute to community expenses while purchasing household items, especially for festive season decorations.


For how many years this bazaar is going on?
This is the eight year. We used to do it only in Sharjah, but this is the third time we are doing it also in Dubai. Last year we cancelled the event, because one of our active members Aline Parseghian passed away and we did not have the strength to go ahead with the event without her. Her memory is always with us. Her son Bob is helping us today. 


Sonia Ayvazian
How many people you expect today? Did you inform also non-Armenians? 
We expect more than 300 people to visit us in the Dubai event alone, especially that we have chosen a convenient location for our bazaar (Rotana Towers on Sheikh Zayed Road). We have informed several charity and social organizations about the event and we expect some foreign visitors as well.


Are these items all purchased from the market?
Not all. Many participants bring donated items which are sold and thus secure pure income to the Community. Even the purchased items are somehow adjusted and new parts added, to make them more appealing and worth for the value they are sold for.


Mayda Demirjian

Mayda Demirjian
Mayda Demirjian

Where are these items purchased from?
These are embroidery works that are purchased from different sources: some from the local market and others form other Armenian communities.


What happens to items not sold in the bazaar?
We try to sell all these items in order to secure income to the Community. It all goes to one treasury, from which all expenses are covered. Objects not sold in the bazaar are kept and displayed next year with proper adjustments. They do not loose value.


In what locations you are doing the bazaar this year?
This year we will be doing the bazaar in three locations: Dubai (Rotana Towers), Sharjah (Community Hall) and Al Ain (Rotana Hotel). The Al Ain location will be as a side display during the annual Armenian picnic event. It all depends on the number of the volunteers. As many volunteers we have as much work we can do.



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