Hunchak Party inaugurates centre in Nicosia

Hunchak Party inaugurates centre in Nicosia

Logo of Hunchak PartyIn the presence of all Armenian political parties and organisations, Archbishop Hergelian and clergy, officials of the Hunchak Party of Lebanon, the Armenian representative in the Cyprus Parliament Vartkes Mahdessian and community members, the Hunchak Party of Cyprus inaugurated its new club in Nicosia on Friday 11 May 2007 at 8:00 pm.


Speakers at the ceremony were Armenian intellectual Bebo Simonian from Lebanon, Sarkis Bedigian of the Hunchak Varich Marmin of Lebanon, Cyprus Hunchak President Hagop Dikranian, master of ceremonies Avo Poshoghlian on behalf of Nor Serount Association and Armenian Representative in the Cyprus House Vartkes Mahdessian.


Avo Poshoghlian in his remarks said that after the closure of Melkonian the character of the Armenian community had started changing and the opening of this club is a reviving message specially to the new generation, who will attend this club and learn to give and not take what is ready.    


Hunchak Cyprus President Hagop Dikranian, said that their party would work for strengthening ties between Armenian political parties, striving at the same time for common goals on all fronts, while Armenian MP in the Cyprus House wished in his speech the new Armenian organisation a path that would strengthen the Armenian spirit, specially with the younger generations and would have as its objective the unity and prosperity of Armenian life in Cyprus.


Community members later fled the rain for snacks and drinks in the premises of the new Hunchak home in Nicosia.


Source: “Gibrahayer” – Nicosia, 16 May 2007 (adjusted)