I love Armenia campaign by Birthright Armenia

I love Armenia campaign by Birthright Armenia

I Love Armenia logoBirthright Armenia alumni launch a new campaign

This February marks the start of international events that Birthright Armenia alumni across the globe States will host as a platform to share stories about their experiences as volunteers in Armenia.  The “I Love Armenia” campaign is being planned as a string of outreach and recruitment events to be held in community centers, church halls, and cafes hosted in cities where Birthright Armenia alums live.  “I Love Armenia” will be featured on Facebook and Twitter so young people can follow the campaign and know when such events are coming to their cities.     

Attendees of “I Love Armenia” events can count on hearing firsthand stories and entertaining vignettes from those who have volunteered in Armenia, as well as walk away with all the practical information and advice they need to make the most of their own experience in Armenia.  Those who were fortunate enough to have already served in the Homeland as Birthright Armenia sponsored volunteers, over 500 to date, have returned inspired to stay engaged with Armenia and their communities, and have spearheaded this campaign in an effort to encourage more youth, ages 20-32, to jump on board.  

The launch  of the “I Love Armenia” campaign will take place in Philadelphia on February 17, as a social mixer hosted by the AGBU Young Professionals (YP) of Philadelphia, giving local Birthright Armenia alums and many YP travelers or interested travelers an evening to share, mingle, and get informed about travel and volunteerism through a variety of organizations.  The baton will then get passed to the Washington, DC, alumni who will be hosting their events in the month of March.  “I Love Armenia” hits New York in April.

Tania Sahakian, chairperson of the Birthright Armenia Alumni Committee, is spearheading the campaign and signing up other regional alumni chapters in Los Angeles, Canada, South America and the Middle East, to jump-start their own “I Love Armenia” campaigns.  “It is the love of Armenia and the Armenian heritage that attracts Birthright Armenia volunteers in the first place, and it is that love that keeps them active in their communities upon their return home. Our alumni are the driving force to not only educate and motivate Armenians and non-Armenians alike, but also encourage more youth to volunteer in Armenia.”
For those who are contemplating a professional volunteer experience in Armenia, and are interested in learning more, please visit www.birthrightarmenia.org  or our Facebook page to find the event nearest you. 
1) “I Love Armenia” campaign logo, designed by Aramazt Kalayjian. 
2) Birthright Armenia alumni.

Contact:  Linda Yepoyan
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February 10, 2011