Inauguration of the new building of Haigazian School in Aleppo

Inauguration of the new building of Haigazian School in Aleppo

Inauguration of new school in AleppoHis Holiness Aram I inaugurated the new building of Haigazian School in Aleppo on 20 May 2007 adding further popular excitement to his Pontifical visit to the Syrian Armenian community.


The old building of Haigazian School which for decades served as an important center for the formation of new Armenian generations, is today being replaced by a new building thanks to the commitment and will of the Armenians of Aleppo. On the outskirts of the historic city of Aleppo in a relatively new neighborhood, His Holiness conducted a ceremonious groundbreaking service.


The mayor of Aleppo, government officials and official guests attended the ceremony, even in addition to a large crowd of community members. Among the speakers were the mayor, the Primate of the Diocese of Aleppo and the school's principal, who emphasized the importance of the school for a country and a nation particularly in the life of Armenians. The school was presented as an irreplaceable institution for the formation of new generations as exemplary humans, citizens and Armenians. In this respect, the important future role of Haigazian was emphasized.


Highlighting the unique role of the Armenian school in our national life, His Holiness called on the people to support and preserve it for the achievement of Armenians' national vision, goals and dreams. His Holiness highly praised the project of building the school planned by the community's National Authority as a means to develop the communal life and the education of new generations.


In this context, the Pontiff stressed that in addition to its spiritual and religious mission the Catholicosate of Cilicia demonstrates special care towards the Armenian school. “The Armenian School has a special place on the agenda of the Catholicosate's activities. In all our Dioceses, our prelacies are active initiators and supporters of the Armenian school's progress and development,” he said.


The Catholicos concluded by calling on the Armenian nation and its donors to participate in all the initiatives for the development of the life of Armenian schools and their mission as a means to support the preservation of Armenian identity in the Diaspora.


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Groundbreaking ceremony of the new building of Haigazian School, Sunday 20 May 2007


Inauguration of a new school in Aleppo

  1. We don't need any new school in Aleppo… The new Armenian generation is thinking just to go out of Syria. They will never think about a new school. Our future is not here. I think in 2020 just 20 Armenian families will stay in Aleppo. Only the rich families will stay here. Is His Holiness Aram I building a new school just for them?!


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