Muslim-Armenian co-existence setting a global example

Muslim-Armenian co-existence setting a global example

Archbishop Papken Charian, Head of the Armenian Church in Isfahan, IranIsfahan


The peaceful co-existence of Muslims and Christian Armenians based on religious harmony in the Iranian central city of Isfahan can be an example to the world, Isfahan Governor General Morteza Bakhtiari said here on Wednesday 17 January 2007.


Bakhtiari's remarks came during a meeting with the Christian Armenians' Archbishop in Isfahan and southern parts of Iran Papken Charian.


“Our ties (with Christian Iranians) are based on religious beliefs. We can make the best use of our common points,” he said, underlining that the belief that there is only one God was the common ground of all divine religions. He expressed hope the alliance of religions would be strengthened and God's promise in the Quran, the Bible, Old Testament and the Psalms would materialize.


Archbishop Charian, on his part, said that Jesus Christ carried the message of peace and love for mankind. The Islamic Revolution has created a spirit of coherence and unity among the Iranian nation, he said, and hoped Iran would avoid divisions among its various religious groups by encouraging unity and coordination.


Source: Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency, 17 January 2007 (with adjustments)


Photo: Archbishop Papken Charian (has served previously in Germany, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States of America and Syria).