Sixty six children adopted in first quarter of 2010

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YEREVAN, 02 AUGUST 2010, ARMENPRESS: The number of children, ready to be adopted, was 100 in the first quarter of this year; 60% of them are girls.

An official from RA National Statistical Service told Armenpress that in the above mentioned period the number of possible adopters made 198; 93 of them were foreign citizens, 9 of them Armenians, living in other countries, 95 of them Republic of Armenia citizens living in Armenia, and 1 of them was a foreign citizen living in Armenia.

4 of the possible adopters are from 18 to 35 years old, 191 of them from 30 to 65 years old and 3 of them from 65 years old and above.

60 children were adopted 2009. This year the number of adopted children made 66.

Azad-Hye notes:

– The statistics say that in the first quarter of 2010 only 9 Armenian couples living in other countries have applied for adoption, compared to 93 non-Armenians. It is almost certain that out of 7 million Armenians living abroad there would be more than 9 couples who would like to adopt an Armenian child and are eligible to do so.   

– The above statistics show that 60 children were adopted in 2009, without mentioning the percentage of those adopted by parents living in Armenia. It is important to give priority to potential parents who live inside Armenia, before considering couples living abroad. 

– The statistics show that 60 children were adopted in 2009, while the number of adopted children this year until July 2010 was 66 (naturally, the figure would go higher by the end of 2010). No reason was given for the increase in the number.