Discrete Video Modeling for children with special needs in Armenia

tmmA method adopted and implemented by Teach Me More (TMM) Educational and Developing Center NGO in Yerevan.

The number of students today with difficulties in speech and social communications is increasing worldwide. Many specialists, teachers and mothers are worried about this fact.
Lena Harutyunyan, an English language specialist, teacher and school psychologist is mother of two children. Her son Narek (9 years) has difficulties with speech delay and social communication. After a long search Lena finally found a method, used in USA for the last 15 years, called Discrete Video Modeling (DVM).
The method was initially introduced by Laura and Brian Kasbar, aiming at teaching children with special education needs, so that they realize their environment and reproduce it through the said modeling.
Harutyunyan, the founder of the newly opened Teach Me More (TMM) Educational and Developing Center NGO in Yerevan, Armenia, has prepared 15 parts of Discrete Video Modeling in the Armenian language, which were first tested on his son and scored great results. She wishes to help Armenian children who have similar problems and who strive to achieve the same results (ability to conduct proper speech, enjoy adequate movements, communicate and eventually achieve happiness…).
She says. “Today Discrete Video Modeling is more than a filming technique. It is a teaching tool that delivers information in the easiest and most effective way to learn. On a neurological level, the brain of the individual with autism is typically larger than average, making it possible to learn and store tremendous amount of information, but with lesser capability for using that information. Discrete Video Modeling does the paring of information for the student”.
According to her explanation, the method contains basic training (through different levels, based on the child’s capabilities), current level training and improvement perspective (reading comprehension and articulation). Consequently, DVM helps the child to add new stock of words or improve the nonverbal capacity. Soon after completing this method, another method called Picture Modeling (PM) is implemented.
Harutyunyan’s first seminar will take place on 27 February 2016 in Yerevan, Armenia, with the participation of more than 25 specialists (speech therapists, psychologists, art therapists, and teachers of children with special needs, etc) and many parents and interested followers.

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