All Armenian Media Association (AAMA)

All Armenia Media Association was founded on the desicion of the third All Armenian Mass Media conference of September 17, 2006 held in Tsakhadzor.

The Association has an aim to unite the mass media means of Diaspora, Artsakh and Armenia on national concept and state strengthening. It will organize active media exchange within Diaspora, Artsakh and Armenia Mass Media Organizations, by this creating open electronic database, where the information from all over the world on issues of iportance for all Armenians will be gathered.

Address: Armenia, Yerevan, Isahakian 28
Phone: (37410) 565965
Fax: (37410) 524318

Azad-Hye is a member of the All Armenia Media Association

AAMA organizes forums on Armenian media, prepares directories, updates database related to Armenian media, follows generally Armenian media issues. It also defends Armenian journalists worldwide.


Statement of All Armenian Media Association
The All Armenian Media Association expresses deep concern over the political vengeance against Armenian journalist of Near Dnester, Ernest Vardanyan.
The video disseminated by the Ministry of National Security of Near Dnester, in which Vardanyan supposedly confessed that he had collaborated with the authorities of Moldova, is apparently the result of assaults and threats. The journalist had previously provided information about this in his announcement in April.
The All Armenian Media Association condemns the imprisonment of the Armenian journalist and calls on the law-enforcement bodies of the Republic of Armenia to take advantage of their opportunities to extenuate the pressures against Ernest Vardanyan. The association also calls on Armenia?s Chamber of Advocates to take measures in order to show necessary legal support to the Armenian journalist.
All Armenian Media Association
May 11, 2010