First Hye Lounge gathering in Dubai

First Hye Lounge gathering in Dubai


The first Hye Lounge gathering took place in “Shakespeare” Restaurant (Al Attar Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai), on 18th April 2007.

Around 50 young and young in heart Armenian professionals met in this first networking event in Dubai. Hundreds of Armenians live in Dubai, where there is an emerging need for get-together and communication.

The Hye Lounge team managed to materialize this first event. It is a great start and we believe there are lots of activities that could be done in the … near future.

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Administrative work before the gathering:


1- Introducing the idea:


Hye Lounge: Armenian networking in Dubai Friday, March 12, 2007

Dear everyone,


My name is Rafi Tavitian and I have received your e-mail address through the General Directory of the Armenians living in the U.A.E or other sources.


We are a group of young Armenians that have the same will: creating an Armenian Youth Community that would gather every few weeks in different places (restaurants, lounges, etc.), to be able to meet, talk, and enjoy time surrounded by friends having the same roots.


We would be more then happy to have your opinion and suggestions to be able to make these gatherings a success.


You can e-mail: [email protected] with your Interest or not in joining such events.


(Only the persons answering this e-mail with a positive interest will be e-mailed in the future)


Do not hesitate to spread the word; we are already more then 40 young Armenian professionals that are going to meet. 


Thank you for your attention and consideration,







2- Doing a mini survey:


Hye Lounge Mini Survey Wednesday, March 21, 2007

From: Hye Lounge [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2007 3:06 PM

Dear Everyone,


Within a week, more then 95 people answered the Hye Lounge e-mail with great enthusiasm. Some other people asked for more specific questions about Hye Lounge, who? Why? When? Etc.


Well Maybe we should one more time describe this little project, it is very simple and transparent. Hye Lounge's objective is to gather Armenians informally around a drink so that people that do not have the chance to be with Armenians have that opportunity. It has nothing to do with politics or anything like that, it is simply a Lounge.


Everybody is welcome, this is the main idea.


We are planning to do a first Hye Lounge gathering in mid April, as a lot of you are asking for it. To be able to better understand you we would like to have your answers to these following questions:


– Would you prefer to have Hye Lounge on a week day evening (Sunday, Monday, etc.) or on a weekend evening (Thursday, Friday)?


– Could you please indicate your age bracket: 20-25; 25-30; 30-35; 35-40; 40-45; over 45?


– What is your occupation? (Job, company, other activities?)


– What are your expectations from Hye Lounge? (i.e. Business Networking; New Friends; Listen to music with a drink, be able to share ideas or projects with others..)


– How often would you like to meet? Monthly, weekly, semi-annually?


– Would 9:00 pm be a good time for you? (For a Dubai based Lounge)


Please, take a couple of minutes to answer these questions. This is done to better plan the gatherings for you.


Thank you in Advance, and see you all very soon.


Hye Lounge.


3- Meeting of core Hye Lounge members (about 10 persons).


4- Announcement for the general meeting:


First Hye Lounge gathering in Dubai (18 April 2007) Friday, April 13, 2007

Parev Everyone,


Happy Easter!


The date of the first Hye Lounge Gathering has been set on Wednesday 18th of April 2007.

We are a lot, waiting for this event, and we hope that it is just the beginning of a long series of gatherings and events that will make us meet. Even people that are planning to come by their own should not hesitate as we will be there to welcome them.


The First Hye Lounge will be hosted by Shakespeare Restaurant, Al Attar Business Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road. The Mezzanine is booked for us. A very big parking area is available next to Al Attar Business Tower.


The idea would be to arrive around 8:30 pm so that we can fully enjoy the evening. A selection of Fresh Juices, Soft Drinks and little snacks will be available on the Mezzanine for very affordable prices.

For logistic purposes, a confirmation e-mail (attending or not) would be highly appreciated before Thursday 12th of April.


We hope to see you all on the 18th,



5- Actual meeting in “Shakespear” Restaurant on 18 April 2007.


6- Planning for next meeting and future activities.

  1. Yes, my wife and I went to the first gathering. Excellent idea…finally a group of “fresh” minded and young Armenians dared to create an event where flags, umbrellas, colors and egos did not dominate! hmm. A simple occasion to meet one another, share a thought or two and a laugh or two, plus exchange business cards…

    Thank You guys. Well done.

    Except…some of the old-face Armos, who show up at every other Armenian Community event year after year to gossip, to criticize and maybe subconsciously cure their old rotten community inferior wounded egos where there!!

    And if you are reading this comment, which I doubt (maybe you just searched for your photos and got your kick) May I kindly say… please don't show up again.. please go to your annual Armenian Barahantess and do your session there.. Please do not infect these young enthusiasts and their future events.



  2. Nishan Basmajian April 25, 2007, 11:55 pm

    The event organized by Hye Lounge was a success.

    A big Bravo to the organizers and to the participants too. We all enjoyed it .The atmosphere in “Shakespeare” restaurant's mezzanine lounge was not “shakespearian”, it was “mashdots-ian”, “vartan-ian”.

    That mezzanine lounge had become a real “Hye lounge”. I was so happy to see the Chairman of the Council of The Armenian Community Northern Emirates and his colleagues there. There couldn't be a better gesture of encouragement from the Armenian Church in UAE. Azad-Hye was there to make the event known to the public. That is a big encouragement to the organizers. 

    Well done Rafi Tavitian and colleagues. I am looking forward to the next event. 

    Nishan Basmajian


  3. Ara Pierre Keusseyan April 27, 2007, 2:00 pm

    Dear Fellow Armenians,

    I would like to applaud Rafi's initiative one more time. Although I've done it privately and within small groups, this time I want to do it in public. I am certainly looking forward to participate in the next one.

    I would like to thank Mr. Basmadjian who analysed my presence there with members of the Armenian council team as an encouragement to Rafi?s initiative.

    As referred to by Mr. Chepadian, I?m probably one these old face Armos that have showed up. Thanks for your comments which offer me the opportunity to respond to specific issues boggling you.

    Mr. Chepadian, I'm happy to know that assumingly you have already been a patron of the Barahantess and your comments are not of a hear say nature. However, I am sorry you feel that the latter is about doing a “session”…

    These old face Armos, as you call them, are people who have and are still contributing resources to help create, organize, strengthen our community to face the present and future challenges facing it. 

    Among fellow Armenians, it is always a pleasure to share a thought or two, a laugh or two, exchange business cards or even share a good time at a the barahantess… Then what?

    If you are proud to be an Armenian, if you are happy to assert your “Armenity”, then you must understand that being an Armenian is not about raising flags, brandishing umbrellas, or flying colors etc..

    Being Armenian is a challenge. The question is: are you up to it?

    Ara Pierre Keusseyan

  4. Hye Lounge was a great idea! Guys Everybody! young and old! please dont argue! lets be one group, be a good support to these young people! Actually we need these kind of activities. I appriciate the effort of people who orgnized this event and people who attend there the other night! Hopefully it will continue and day to day it will be better and the relationships will be more stronger.

    Good luck to everybody!

  5. Dear fellow Armenians,

    mis?un?der? -noun
    “failure to understand correctly; mistake as to meaning or intent”

    and Dear Mr. Keusseyan,

    May be it's my fault that I didn't mention in my first comment that your presence (and your team?s and Mr. Nshan?s) at the Hye Lounge gathering was a surprise one, yet a positive one and I do not see any reason for whoever to comment otherwise!

    You guys are respectful Armenians, and respectful individuals. Your commitments and dedication to our community is well appreciated and sometimes applauded.

    Maybe you missed my point. Please read my first comment all over again.


    Yet, the ?therapy? that some old-faced Armos necessitate should not be conducted amongst healthy individuals. Even Armenian interests & needs vary!!

    The spirit that Hye Lounge is trying to create I think is a bit different.

    I spoke of individuals and didn?t remark on events! Nothing is wrong with Barahantess.

    Maybe you missed my point. Please read my first comment all over again.


    And about umbrellas, flags and colors?you repeated accurately what I whispered.

    Maybe you wanted to repeat my point. Thank You.


    And finally may I comment:

    That the community leadership should question itself about the reasons behind such ?lounge? creations?

    The need I say.

    Are you addressing such issues?, may be that?s where we all failed?

    Let?s face it: a large number of community members have turned away.. And now we?re chasing them in Shakespearian Caf?s.. we really are pathetic!



    May be an open Forum is well needed to rectify heaps of issues.

    Constructive criticism should always have been welcomed.


    Please reinvent yourselves with openness.




  6. Ara Pierre Keusseyan April 28, 2007, 2:09 pm

    Dear Ms. Marta,


    You are right: No arguments,


    Dear Mr. Chepadian,


    You are wrong: I haven?t misunderstood your statements,


    You are right: An open forum we need.


    I would like to start by thanking you for recognizing the commitment and dedication of the ?old face Armos? especially my colleagues. Personally, I could not care less!


    I welcome constructive criticism and can assure you that we always try to re-invent ourselves and to address issues at the heart of our community members especially the youth. Sometimes we succeed immediately and at times we don?t? or it takes a little bit longer to do so.


    It is a fact of life that different persons have different needs, even Armenians, and in the context of our community?s current organigram this was recognized but unfortunately not palliated to yet. Indeed this has been a subject that has bothered me for the longest time but this mighty ship, which is our community, takes time to steer. Especially when we could do with more helping hands and minds.


    It is my feeling that the needs of our youth have to be addressed at group levels that have their own homogeneous characteristics. One should also recognize that the development witnessed by Dubai and the Northern Emirates lately, necessitate a more decentralized approach for conducting our activities and gatherings. We also should be aware that, for the forseable future, the number of Armenians will only grow in the UAE. These are the issues we should be discussing and how best to deal with them.


    This being said, let us not forget that all our youth need the TLC of our community. As Armenians, professionals or otherwise, we all share the same destiny and therefore have also common needs which can be best fulfilled with a synergistic approach.


    My presence there had a reason and that was certainly not a pathetic chase after our youth in some cafe. On the contrary that was to lend a reaching hand and offer my personal and the community?s support to our youth.


    Maybe you have misunderstood me? I hope that the next ?Hye Lounge? will gather 100 instead of the 50 youths and I hope it happens soon.


    Looking forward to see you all soon,


    Ara Pierre Keusseyan

  7. Dear all.


    Today…all day, I sat in front of my PC hoping that some outspoken and opinionated Armos will eventually add a comment or two?nothing!


    Ms. Marta thinks we?re arguing and the rest of the two hundred-some readers are unspoken. This is so Armenian.


    ?De la discussion jaillit la lumi?re. or Du choc des id?es jaillit la lumi?re?



  8. Ara Pierre Keusseyan May 1, 2007, 1:04 am

    Dear Fellow Armenians,


    I invite you to comment on the issues raised and perhaps this micro forum will lead to improvement?


    Dear Mr. Chepadian,


    This is so Armenian?


    Is being Armenian like being a kind of pariah?


    Unless you are a very good impersonator you must be as Armenian as Marta and me.


    So maybe you should kick off the discussion by doing a bit more of the first and a bit less of the second; it is “constructive criticism” I refer to of course.


    A thousand miles journey starts with the first step.


    All day in front of your PC and no suggestions from you?


    Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk?

    ?Que la lumi?re soit!?

    Ara Pierre Keusseyan

  9. Its out of argument that, If I am commenting under the Hye Lounge article, then my comments should be about Hye lounge, but it seems things are getting to another round right now. Unfortunately I couldn?t attend the first gathering but, as I heard, it was really successful and achieved its purpose, which is to gather Armenian youth, find something in common, to get the young people to know each other, to have fun together ? ect., something we lacked in THE ARMENIAN COMMUNITY in the last couple of years.


    There should be some way to touch the Young most revolutionary, demanding, searchfull spirit and who else can do this better than the young ppl themselves,  let us not forget what Karekin Njteh says: ''Yeridasartutione joghovortin uj ne, yete guzes desnes as joghovurtin abakan, nayir nra yeridasartutian'' [”The young people are the power of the nation, if u want to see the destiny of a nation, take a look to his young generation”]


    So, here I ask, how many young Armenian ppl exist in Sharjah and Dubai, why is the number of Armenians marrying to foreigners increasing, why are we suffering from lack of communication just to avoid embarrassment and to be within limited boundaries which after a while will destroy the whole nation. Are the Indians or even Iranians better than us? “they even have their daily schools”, a step we are looking forward for our children.


    A BARAHANTES THAT COSTS 250? a young man who is working for 3000 must spend 500 on his outfit / 250 for the ticket and 250 more if he wants to get a lottery so 1000 in one night I think it's smth. over his budget.


    On the other hand, I really appreciate what the Armenian committee is trying to do, I mean at the end this is volunteer work.


    Hye lounge is a very important step to the youth, so let them prove and organize themselves and the best thing we can do at this time is to support and encourage them to continue …  


    I want to send big bravo to Hye Lounge team “NICE WORK DONE BOYS”.  


    As to Mr. Ara and  Mr. Chepadian, if u have any personal issues together, it's better to solve it as two mature adults without making Hye Lounge your battlefield.


    Best regards,


    Hye Aghchig

  10. Dear 500+ readers,


    I already suggested the Open Forum idea in my previous comment which was supported by Mr. Keusseyan?and maybe we can ask the Azad-Hye admin team to form a start up online micro forum which could serve as a preparation platform for an official Open Forum hopefully organized by our community leaders one day.


    We can pave the way and save time if we all drop a note, a comment, a general concern.. And prepare ourselves for a constructive debate.(if required)


    And as far as the sarcasm is concerned? Hmm,

    If it?s helping you to feel better about yourself, continue.


    My concern was and is our Armenian Community and not you.

  11. Ara Pierre Keusseyan May 3, 2007, 2:44 am


    Dear All,


    Dear Hyaghchig,


    It is a pity you were not able to attend the first Hye Lounge; please try to be present in the second one which Rafi tells me will be around May 15th. It was really nice.


    You are touching a number of issues that are always on the minds of the different Armenian committees or ongoing projects that are being worked on (The daily school and its area of coverage, the barahantess and its affordability, the reality of mixed marriages etc..). We could of course elaborate on these on this platform but I think it is better to do it in a seminar like gathering? Except perhaps on the mixed marriage issue as I do not want to alienate any Armenian.


    I hope you do not think that Armenians who marry foreigners should be written off from our community; or even worse, their offspring should not be considered as Armenians? The reality is that within the present diaspora generation a good 50% will have mixed marriages. Our job will be to welcome the non Armenian half amongst us and to promote their feeling of being Armenian (sort of winning a mind market share). What better ambassadors to the Armenians could you think about.


    It is unfair to say that the Armenian youth did not have the opportunity at all to meet each other during the past 2 years as there were regular and many inexpensive if not free occasions to do so that have taken place in Dubai and Sharjah.


    There are no personal issues between Mr. Chepadian and myself. Actually I do not think that we have formally met yet. We could perhaps do it in the next HL?


    Dear Mr. Chepadian,


    I would like us to have an open forum.


    I think that these few exchanges are already a beginning and I have to thank Azad-Hye for this platform.


    There are a number of issues that have already perspired from our exchanges but having more participants will certainly help in structuring a successful official open forum/seminar/conference? This could quickly become a reality as the leadership of our community supports this idea.


    As to the sarcasm, I do not want to point fingers, but we both know who started it. Let?s bury the hatchet and move on to doing something constructive.



    With all the best to you all,


    Ara Pierre Keusseyan

  12. Ara Pierre Keusseyan May 3, 2007, 4:42 am

    Hello Azad-Hye team,

    I think it would be interesting for all of us to know and to be updated as to how many unique IP adresses the near 600 “reads” to date represent.

    I think all of us would appreciate that information.

    Thanks and regards,

    Ara Pierre Keusseyan



  13. You are right.

    I will not comment further more here.

    And I noticed that Azad-Hye has already created an opportunity within the FORUM section of this great website, for all concerned Armenians to comment and exchange ideas. Ref FORUMS section.

    Please Let us all participate and support the Idea.

    Thank You Hye Lounge Team!

    Thank You Azad-Hye!


  14. hye dgha ;-) May 3, 2007, 6:41 am

    One word?. Good idea? and keep it up.


    I don?t know why we have to make it a big deal?


    The whole idea is a nice gathering ? like normal ppl need a social life and activities?


    But as usual ? some ppl must start their lovely habit keep an eye on the community and making sure that this party will not make any further moves against the other party?


    Same old and endless battle?


    ?Being Armenian is a challenge. The question is: are you up to it??


    Come on? it?s a gathering? we don?t need to be reminded on each single moment that we are Armenians? and suffered a lot? and we have to be organized? and? and?


    Cheer up guys? and take it easy? ;-)

    Catch you on the next meeting

  15. Robert A. Matossian May 7, 2007, 2:23 am

    Hi there all,

    Having read some of the comments on this web site, I would assume that one of the reasons why so few people attend the events is because of the in fighting that happens, unfortunately as Armenians it would seem that we are predisposed to quarrel within ourselves!

    Perhaps if we were to leave to one side our personal problems and dislikes, and just have a great big fun time, then maybe the numbers of participants would increase, I for one am not about to sign up to something that is going to give me a constant headache, we have enough problems during the day to warrant not adding more!

    Hope to see you soon.

    Robert A. Matossian


    NB: Why not add a Spell Check!

  16. Hi Rafi….

    Do you have a say in all this?

    Where are you?

    Come to the Forum!!!

    People are speaking out finally!!!

    Don't miss the train.


  17. Ara Pierre Keusseyan May 9, 2007, 10:25 pm

    Dear Azad-Hye,

    I re-iterate my question posted on 3rd May 2007 which I think is relevant to all the readers especially the ones commenting on the Shepor Forum. From the near 800 reads on this page how many are unique IP adresses? It is necessary for us to have this information to properly gage the depth of the readership?s interest.


    Dear Hye Aghchig,

    I was expecting some comments on my posting dated 3rd May 2007.


    Dear Hye Dgha,

    Please visit the Azad-Hye forum: ?What does it mean to be Armenian?


    Dear Robert,

    May I call you Robert? A healthy and democratic exchange of ideas should not be confused with light bicquering! And you are absolutely right, why not add a spell check!


    Dear Mr. Chepadian,

    By the way, what is your first name? Why do you think that people are finally speaking up? And

    What do you really mean when you say finally?


    Dear Rafi,

    It is time to speak.

    I know you have a lot to say.

    Remember our discussion about continuity!


    Regards to you all,

    Ara Pierre Keusseyan

  18. Hi,


    Mr. Chepadian, Mr. Ara, here is my little comment ;)


    First I would like to say thank you to all the ones that are supporting Hye Lounge. It is a real pleasure to meet with the team and organise events that are satisfying the Hye Loungers.


    Please, again, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail on: [email protected] with your comments and on what you would like Hye Lounge to organise as events.


    Hye Lounge is completly independant, and not under the church commity or any other council.


    Second, I would like to know who I am talking to, Mr. Chepadian?You have my name, at least let me have yours. You know where to contact me if you do not want to disclose it to everyone.


    Now I will give my point of view, and understand that this is not Hye Lounge talking, but me.


    I think that the creation of events gathering the youth, the professionals, etc. can not be negative? and everybody should come if they are interested in over passing any kind of selections or judgments. I was pleased to see every single person that showed up during the first Hye Lounge event? Why? Because we are only a couple of us, spread around the world, us, the Armenians.


    Hye Lounge has as a principle to welcome everybody, it has no politics and umbrellas, it is not ruled by anyone but a group of young Armenians, completely independent, using their free time to organise events for the Armenians.


    I do not give importance to who has done what, and who has to be blamed or whatever for passed conflicts. We are in the present, and again this is only me speaking: let us talk, let us shear, let us discuss, let us grow? and please let us all meet, regardless of specific points of views or affiliations to any groups.


    My last word would be that, I am proud to be Armenian and I learn to be a better one through the others. You can not imagine my happiness every time I meet a new person with the same roots, it makes me feel home.


    I would also like to take this opportunity to say ?thank you? to the team, the Hye Lounge team that gives me the chance to meet new persons and to grow as a person, as an Armenian far from his home country.



  19. Dear Mr Chepadian,

    I ask you to relax a bit. Please do not sit in front of the pc and wait what others will submit about the issues that you're bringing all the time. If you have a problem with Mr Ara then please get his mobile number and call him and say whatever you like to say, but please don't just drop meaningless lines and poison the minds of the young readers.

    I ask you not to waist your time by being destructive, I rather suggest you to be positive and constructive.


  20. Azad-Hye Moderator May 13, 2007, 11:24 am
    From the first gatheringParevner,
    The Hye Lounge Team is very pleased to inform you that the next Hye Lounge Event will take place in “Cosmo Caf?” (04 332 6569) located in “The Tower UP” between Capricorn Tower and the Emirates Towers on Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai.
    The Lounge will start at 8:30 pm on Wednesday the 23rd of May.
    As usual, the Team will be there to welcome you. Do not hesitate to forward the invitation to other Armenians that would be interested to share this social event with us.
    Looking forward to see you all,
    Received: 13 May 2007
    Additional photos: See Photo Gallery
  21. Arman…

    I made an on-line promise… I refuse to comment here.

    This “place” is reserved for “Hye Lounge” related issues.

    Go to the FORUM and have your say.


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