Newsletter issue number 020 (August 2009)

Newsletter issue number 020 (August 2009)


Middle East Armenian Newsletter

Issue 20 18 August 2009

Suzan Markarian … A high class masterpiece

Suzan MarkarianShe has, with no exaggeration, the most beautiful smile that alone makes her worth five stars.

The first time I saw her was in year 1982 during Konstantin Orpelian Big Band concerts in Aleppo, where she looked like a shiny pearl singing and dancing on the stage. Her voice was incredibly smooth, supple and dreamy. Her performances were full of passion and conviction. Later on I had the chance to know her better and discover the human side of her personality, that made her performances heartwarmingly sincere and strong, especially the? ballads -? her most stunning and remarkable pieces of work – in addition to both folk and patriotic genres.?Full article

New settlement for Iraqi Armenians in Darbnik village

In Darbnik villageAbout 15 kilometers south of Yerevan, in the neighborhood of Darbnik village in Ararat Marz (Province), a new residential block for Iraqi Armenian refugees have been inaugurated recently.

An old agricultural school, which was provided to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) by the government of Armenia, has been rehabilitated for this purpose.

The building is made of 46 apartments. Currently more than half of the apartments are occupied by Iraqi Armenians, who were facing difficulties in meeting their rents in apartments in the capital Yerevan. Now they can stay in this block without rental charges.?Full article

Shakeh dance group impresses Armenian and foreign audience

Shakeh dance group in KuwaitShakeh Dance Group of the Armenian Relief Society staged a very impressive performance in Kuwait on 08 May 2009.

This was the second time since its establishment in early 2007 that this troupe performed in public. It has given a completely new dimension to the Armenian presence in the State of Kuwait, making it possible to convey a cultural message to all those living in Kuwait.

The organized presence of the Armenians in Kuwait dates back to the 1950s. The community is preparing to celebrate 50 years since the establishment of the Kuwait Armenian School. Last year a glossy album was published, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Armenian scout and athletic movement in Kuwait (Homenetmen).?Full article

The first group of Come Home participants end their program of activities

Come Home projectOn 22 July 2009, Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobian met the Diasporan Armenian young persons who arrived in Armenia within the framework of the Come Home (Ari Tun) project.
The Minister began her speech with the words “Welcome to your Ministry”, then she expressed gratitude to the families that will be hosting the visitors, as well as the schools where lessons will be held.

Hakobian noted that within the framework of the program the participants will have the chance to visit places of interest in Armenia and gain friendships. “You are infected with Armenian virus on condition of never getting cured,” Hranush Hakobian noted wittingly, expressing the conviction that next year the number of participants will immensely grow.
?Full article

Doha Armenians continue active community life

Armenians in QatarQatar is one of the fastest growing economies in the Gulf region. The county's national income primarily derives from oil and natural gas exports. It has one of the highest per capita income in the world.

The number of Armenians in Qatar has witnessed a steady growth in the last decade, now reaching to the level of 700 individuals. This growth has prompted to organize their national and religious life. Qatar has always been a tolerant country towards other religions. Due to the nature of the booming Qatari economy, many young Armenian professionals are settling down there and trying to earn decent living in a period internationally marred with economic downturn.?Full article?

The invention of history: A book about Azerbaijan's propaganda
The Invention of History Cartographer Rouben Galichian has published a new book, which focuses on the history of Azerbaijan and the ongoing falsification policy adopted by its historians in relation to Karabakh and Armenia.
Galichian explains how the word Azerbaijan, which until 1918 was merely the geographic name of northwestern Iran, was given to a new entity north of the River Araks. Following that, the people of modern-day Azerbaijan, who spoke Turkish language and were part of the mainstream Turkish civilization, were named Azeris.

Galichian however is more concerned about the recent intensification of the state sponsored anti-Armenian propaganda in Azerbaijan. His pervious books include “Historic maps of Armenia: The cartographic heritage” (London: I.B. Tauris, 2004) and “Countries of the Caucasus in Medieval maps: Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan” (London: Gomidas Institute, 2007). Full article?

Murdered Diasporan businessman laid to rest after three months of his abduction
Nazareth Berberian

Nazareth Berberian will be laid to rest at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills (Old North Church, also known as the Red Church) in California on 25 July 2009 at 10 a.m.

The American Armenian businessman and philanthropist was brutally murdered in Yerevan, Armenia, sometime between April 25 and May 15, 2009 (according to the Armenian police on 25 April 2009). Full article

Stepan Partamian starts his photographic journey through the Armenian-American landscape

Stepan PartamianStepan Partamian, the controversial talk show host in California, community activist, entrepreneur and President of the Armenian Arts Fund?made reference in an interview published three years ago*, to an ambitious project about documenting the Armenian influence in the United States of America.??

“My next year's project is finding the Armenian America” he stated. “There are metropolitan areas full of Armenians -? Los Angeles, New York, Boston – but I am in search of the Armenian in the unknown place. So I'm doing research into all 50 states to find out locations, to find out individuals, to find out organizations that deal with Armenians or are of Armenian origin.” Full article

Terez Pambukian: The art of cooking and serving etiquette

Terez PambukianMeet Miss Terez Pambukian, a unique individual who successfully turned cooking and serving food and beverage into a complete art. The number of the students who attend her courses is constantly growing, as she is obliging, friendly, and willful.

We met her in Aleppo and had the following conversation:

You have been conducting food preparation techniques and serving etiquette courses for over a decade in Aleppo. How did the idea come to life?


Well, it all started with my mother who knew how to prepare food and serve it. Most importantly, she knew how to make her guests happy. My father too was a man of great taste, he always encouraged us to try something new, all this had its positive impact on me, and it hooked me at an early age.?Full article

Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobian receives Azad-Hye editor

Minister Hakobian and Hrach Kalsahakian of Azad-HyeOn June 23, RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobian received Managing Director and Editor of Azad-Hye Armenian website in the United Arab Emirates, writer, translator Hrach Kalsahakian.


Kalsahakian presented activities of the Arab-English website telling about Armenian communities of the Middle East countries, as well as possibilities of cooperation with the Hayern Aysor electronic newspaper of the RA Ministry of Diaspora.?Full article

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