Release of Jeghische Gevorkian’s film

For the first time since Georgia?s independence from the Soviet Union, the fate of the Armenian minority living in Georgia is told in a documentary.

Over a period of several months in 2004/2005, Jeghische Gevorkian investigates the Georgian reality: Appropriation of Armenian, Russian and Catholic Churches, destruction of Armenian religious symbols, vandalism of cemeteries, anti-armenian hysteria, erasing of Armenian traces and falsification of history and oppression of ethnic Armenians in Georgia?s Javakhk, mainly inhabited byethnic Armenians, where they are faced with the politics of demographic change.

Without the necessity of a narrator, Jeghische Gevorkian bases his film on interviews only, be it with Armenians, Russians and the Georgians themselves, who do not deny the erasing of Armenian frescoes or removal of Armenian graves, thus making it a searing testimony of the fight for cultural identity.

The full documentary counts 2 parts, each of which is 1h29? long. The DVD version with English or French subtitles is available as of now and can be ordered on the film?s website: for the price of 22 Euros (+ shipping).

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