Show jumping Armenian sportsman Karen Hakobyan

Show jumping Armenian sportsman Karen Hakobyan

KAREN HAKOBYAN AND REZAH IN ACTIONAzad-Hye,  Dubai, 9 June 2006: Karen Hakobyan has been living in the United Arab Emirates most of his life. He graduated from the Emirates International School, Jumeirah (2002) and is following now his career as equestrian sportsman, specifically show jumping rider. 

The equestrian sport is unique in its beauty and grace. The combination of rider and horse provides emotion and excitement that no other sport offers. The Olympic sport of Grand Prix Show Jumping is best described as a cross between the excitement of horse-racing and the sheer daring of the downhill slalom. The rules of the game are simple: jump an obstacle course of fences set on a twisting, turning course without dropping a rail or falling off. The horse with the fastest time and the fewest jumping faults is declared the winner.

The sport emphasizes profound values such as dedication, courage, confidence and commitment, especially in terms of the relationship between the human and the animal (rider and horse). This remarkable sport has gathered rapid momentum over the past decade and has become an immensely popular and highly visible spectator sport.

Karen Hakobyan, born in Yerevan 1984, started to compete in year 1994, when he got his first own horse. He was one of the top ranked young riders in the UAE in year 1996 and during the last 10 years he has competed in several shows in the UAE and Europe (United Kingdom, Latvia, Czech Republic, Nederlands, etc.). He was one of the first sportsmen to to lift Armenia?s flag in worldwide sports events.


Some of his achievements include finishing 4th in the UAE seniors rankings (2003) and wining the title of the Emirates Championship in Group C  (2004). Hakobyan is member of the Armenian Show Jumping Team since 1998 and the UAE Equestrian Federation from 1994. He took part also in the team competition for the Caucasus Cup in Armenia (2000), achieving the first position.


It is a known fact that top level sports competitors require financial support to be able to enter highest contests. This is particularly true in show jumping. In order to conquer highest levels Karen Hakobyan is seeking for a sponsor who will provide stability of funding, which will enable him to optimize his combined knowledge, experience and talent and realize his full potential in the national and international show jumping arena. In return the sponsor will receive benefits through the publicity, advertising and status of being associated with a highly popular equestrian sport.


THE PROGENY OF REZAHSponsoring Hakobyan has another dimension that is to promote a newly emerged independent Armenia in international occasions such as being one of the first to represent Armenia in the Olympic Games in the near future, besides several well-known international Championships.


Summarizing his goals, Hakobyan mentions to Azad-Hye that his aim is ?to be able to ride and compete as much as possible, and as well as possible?.


His current active show partner is a Dutch warm blood 8 years old stallion called Rezah, which has been with him for the past 4 years. Rezah has started his first breeding in 2005 and his latest offspring is a two weeks old filly (see photo).




Portrait of Karen Hakobyan 



1- Karen Hakobyan with Rezah in action.

2- Rezah?s progeny (newborn in England with mother)


You can reach Karen Hakobyan at: [email protected]


Azad-Hye wishes Hakobyan the best of luck. We  would be forwarding to his attention any suggestions or support proposals received by readers.

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