Website of the Armenian Community in Argentina

Azad-Hye, Dubai, 29 January 2006: is the official website of the Armenian Community in Argentina. It works in coordination with the Armenian National Committee of South-America, aiming at the defense of the Armenian Cause in Spanish speaking communities (Latin America).


Being one of the major Armenian websites in Spanish language, it covers a geographic area inhabited by hundred millions speakers of this language, one of the 10 widely spoken languages worldwide.

The website is rich in information. The home page provides the reader with the major events in the Armenian world. It is a great resource for young Armenian generations in Latin American countries, where usually they speak Spanish.

Besides the ordinary sections in the website (list of the Armenian organizations, photo gallery, contact information, etc.), the website prepares from time to time important e-mail campaigns, supporting the Armenian cause. The most recent one has been the email campaign to South America?s UNESCO (Mercosur), complaining about the destruction of the Armenian stone-crosses (Khachkars) by the Azerbaijani troops in Nakhichevan.

A similar campaign is being activated through email messages to the Mayor of the city of Rome, protesting the construction of a monument for Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the Turkish leader who has been involved in atrocities against the Armenians.