Arsen Hakobyan

Armenian director & film maker

The director of the historical documentary in English “From Ararat to Europe”

This film documents the influence of the Armenians on Christianity in Europe from the earliest times through the modern ages. It tells us also about Leonardo da Vinci's trip to Armenia whereby European church architecture assumed Armenian character. This film aims to reveal that Armenian mark of influence spread from Ararat to Europe.

The film includes facts which are presented to the public for the first time. The director will also share information on the 2nd film titled “The Forgotten Land of Ancestors” on the ethno genesis of some European groups such as the Britons, Basques and Bavarian and their connections with Armenia, based on new scientific discoveries and deciphering the numerous petroglyphs in Armenia, Acadian, Assyrian and Egyptian sources as well as the Old testament and the book of Jubilees

The film was shot in Armenia, Georgia, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy.