Armenia wins 8th Junior Eurovision song contest

Voters and juries from 14 countries have made up their mind and it's Vladimir Arzumanyan from Armenia to win the 8th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest! Congratulations!!

Tonight, the show opened with Ksenia Sitnik (winner of the 2005 contest) and Alexey Zhigalkovich (winner in 2007) and Alexander Rybak (winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest).

But most of all, it featured the 14 young stars representing their countries, making them the real stars of this year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest!

After a very exciting voting it was Vladimir Arzumanyan from Armenia to win the 8th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, broadcast from the capital of Belarus – Minsk, by just one point!

Here's the full scoreboard of the contest:

1.Armenia – Vladimir Arzumanyan – Mama – 120 points
2.Russia – Liza Drozd & Sasha Lazin – Boy And Girl – 119 points
3.Serbia – Sonja Skoric – Carobna Noc / Magical Night – 113 points
4.Georgia – Mariam Kakhelishvili – Mari Dari – 109 points
5.Belarus – Daniil Kozlov – Muzyki Svet – 85 points
6.Lithuania – Bartas – Oki-doki – 67 points
7.Belgium – Jill & Lauren – Get Up! – 61 points
8.Moldova – Stefan Roscovan – Ali Baba – 54 points
9.The Netherlands – Anna & Senna – My Family – 52 points
10.Latvia – Sarlote & Sea Stones – Viva La Dance – 51 points
11.Sweden – Josefine Ridell – Allt Jag Vill Ha – 48 points
12.FYR Macedonia – Anja Veterova – Eooo, Eooo – 38 points
13.Malta – Nicole – Knock Knock!?.Boom! Boom! – 35 points
14.Ukraine – Yuliya Gurska – Mii Litak – 28 points

Press conference by Vladimir Arzumanyan

The winner of the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Vladimir Arzumanyan from Armenia, gave a great press conference at the Minsk Arena just after his victory in the same hall.

He talked very openly with the press there and even admitted he liked Sonja from Serbia. “I told her yesterday,” the young star said.

He also had an interesting dream last night – he dreamt he'd have a tough day but that in the end he'd win! And did that come true!

But what does he want as a present for his victory? Well, putting into his words – “I want a brother, my mother promised me that if I'd win!”

Now, after winning the biggest music contest for young singers, he still doesn't think of himself as a star. “Stars are only in the sky, I'm only human,” Vladimir told the press.

His mother was also present at the press conference and was especially happy for his song. “He's from a small village in Armenia, so that's especially a big win for us,” she explained.

Congratulations to Vladimir and Armenia once again!

Photo: Vladimir won the hearts of Europe tonight – congratulations! Photo: Giel Domen (EBU)

Source: Junior Eurovision, 20 November 2010