Participation at International Food Festival in Doha, Qatar

Participation at International Food Festival in Doha, Qatar

Food Festival in Qatar: Armenian community teamAzad-Hye, Dubai, 4 October 2006: The International Food Festival is an event held every year at the Cambridge International School in Doha, Qatar. It is an open day activity for all students, parents, teachers and visitors to taste free food prepared by representatives of different countries and cultures. The school itself has students from 60 nationalities, including few Armenians.


On 23rd March 2006 Ankine Havanjian-Hagopian and her team of family members and friends volunteered to represent Armenia in the Food Festival. In the pictures you can see a group of Armenian youngsters who helped Ankine to carry the food and artwork to the school yard.


As far as the Armenian cuisine is concerned, Ankine thought of making something different than the usual dolma and harissa, which are known dishes for the Arabs. So she made ich, zeytov sarma, gata and cooked mamounya right on the spot!


Some of the visitors had very vague idea about Armenia as a country and people. The Festival was a good opportunity to combine cuisine with presentation on the country. Armenians should take advantage from every opportunity to introduce themselves to other nations, now that after the Independence it has become relatively easier to refer to Armenia as an existing country, with flag, statistical data, geographical boundaries, political development, tourism prospects, etc. Ankine prepared a large board behind her with the map of Armenia and Armenian Alphabet, plus some historical pictures (see photo).


Ankine hopes that next year (March 2007) she will be able to organize a bigger stand with the help and commitment of other members of her immediate team and Armenians who reside in Qatar.


You can contact Ankine Havanjian-Hagopian and her supportive husband Antranig Hagopian at: [email protected]


Participating countries in the Food Festival:

Armenia, Qatar, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, South Africa, India, Philippines, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia



1- The Armenian community team in the International Food Festival in Doha

2- Ankine Havanjian-Hagopian

3- Food display

4- Artwork production from Armenia

Ankine Havanjian-Hagopian at the Armenian stand in Qatar Food Festival
Food display Artwork from Armenia