Restoration of the Armenian Church in Mosul, North of Iraq

“Noyan Tapan” news agency from Yerevan reports on 10 February 2006 about the decision taken by the Iraqi Government to restore the Armenian Church in Mosul, the main city in the North of Iraq.


The Armenian Church was damaged during the terrorist attacks in 2004 against Christian places of worship.


Noya Tapan mentions that the decision of reconstructing the Church was made after the meeting between Archbishop Avak Asadourian, the Primate of the Iraqi Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church and both Jalal Al-Talabani (President of Iraq) and Ibrahim Jafari (Prime Minister).


The office of the Prime Miniater of Iraq forwarded to the Ministries of Finance and Reconstruction on 16 January 2006 a note, for the purpose of allocating the necessary amount of money to begin the reconstruction of the Church.


For the same purpose Archbishop Asadourian met with Jasim Mohamed Jafar, the Minister of Reconstruction of Iraq, who according to Iraqi “Al-Sabah” newspaper, informed that the Ministry allocated the necessary amount of money for the reconstruction of the Church and will begin the works after receiving the approval of the Prime Minister.


Noyan Tapan has used part of the above news from “Radio Liberty” sources.