'Stormy Depths' a poetry book by Nanor Injejikian

'Stormy Depths' a poetry book by Nanor Injejikian

Inauguration of the poetry book of Nanor InjejikianThe first book “Stormy Depths” of Nanor Injejikian, one of the youngest Armenian Diaspora poets, has been published lately in Aleppo (2006).


Faithful to the principles of modern poetry, the author expresses in the booklet (which comes in 77 pages and is made up of 67 poems) her emotions in a picturesque and thoughtful way, tempting the reader to be part of this creative experience.


Nanor masters the secrets of creating spiritually complicated and emotionally affecting situations, out of simple, ordinary and limited words, without causing any conflicts in terms of both the outline and the lexical content of her verses.  


In her poems she seems to have found the key that will lead her to the endless infinite and the enigmatic universe, far away from her daily life routine.  


With her original and unique writing style Nanor Injejikian has brought a new, creative and righteous spirit to the modem Armenian poetry.


Translated by Nvard Sununu. See Armenian original text here.



1- Nanor Injejikian celebrates the inauguration of the book on 19th April 2006, in “Levon Shant” hall, Aleppo, Syria. On the left Archbishop Shahan Sarkissian, Head of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Aleppo, on the right Hagop Bekerian, known writer and satirist.

2- Cover of the book   


See Arabic text here.


Cover of the poetry book of Nanor Injejikian

  1. I read the book, it was a blast. The style was extraordinary.

    I liked the lines – the night invites me to the stage.

  2. Wow great. as inch lav panasteghtsutyunner en. I love it. Keep going!

  3. I am looking for this book.. where can I find it? I am in Dubai now but can make my family send it from Aleppo Syria.. please advice..

    From Azad-Hye: I do not believe you will be able to find it in Dubai. Please try to arrange through your family or friends in Syria. Welcome to Dubai.

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