Suzanne Khardalian's documentary 'Grandma's Tattoo' aired on Al Jazeera TV

Suzanne Khardalian's documentary 'Grandma's Tattoo' aired on Al Jazeera TV


Strating from 11 January 2012 Suzanne Khardalian's documentary “Grandma's Tattoo” was aired 8 times on the Al Jazeera TV's (English channel) Witness program.

“Filmmaker Suzanne Khardalian makes a journey into her own family to investigate the terrible truth behind her late grandma's odd tattoos. Her grandma was always a bit strange, never liking physical contact and covered with unusual marks. Everybody in the family seemed to know the story, but no-one ever spoke about it. So when grandma's mystery is slowly unveiled, family taboos are broken down and Suzanne exposes the bigger story – the fate of the Armenian women driven out of Ottoman Turkey during the First World War. The painful journey behind Suzanne's grandma's tattoos unfolds through Armenia, Lebanon, Sweden and Syria, finally bringing out the truth,” said Al Jazeera TV's introduction.
The webpage attracted many comments. Leila Fakhoury said “The Arabs should also remember their own history, since some Arabs recently seemed to forget. When the Turks hung Abdel Karim al Khalil, An Arab Muslim, he shouted down from the scaffold: My dear fellow countrymen, the Turks want to suffocate our voices in our lungs, but we will ask all the civilised nations of the world for our independence and freedom.”

See the full documentary on Al Jazeera TV's link here (47 minutes):

About Suzanne Khardalian:

Independent filmmaker and journalist, born 1956. She studied journalism in Beirut and Paris and worked as a journalist in Paris until 1988 when she started to work with films.

Films by Suzanne Khardalian:  

Back to Ararat (The Armenian Genocide 1988)

Unsafe Ground (Sweden / Lebanon 1993)

The Lion from Gaza (Sweden/ Palestine 1996)

Her Armenian Prince (1997)

From Opium to Chrysanthemums (2000)

Where Lies My Victory (2002)


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