Tanya Goudsouzian

Tanya Goudsouzian

Tanya GoudsouzianTanya Goudsouzian has been a journalist on the move throughout the Middle East since 1999.

Her name is associated with places considered dangerous for journalists and media people, but she has carried out all her assignments in a remarkable way, with a spirit of openness and direct communication with the local culture, wherever she has been stationed. This is obvious from her writtings and from the photos taken on different occasions (some of them included in the below mentioned interview).

Read Azad-Hye inteview with Tanya Goudsouzian here (at the time of the interview Tanya was living in Montreal. In 2007 she moved with her husband Juan to Dubai. Her second child was born in September 2008).

“Nazar the brave and his progeny“, article by Tanya Goudsouzian in “Gulf News”, 16 December 2003. As posted in Azad-Hye.


You can reach Tanya Goudsouzian at this e-mail.