Nana Aramyan’s art and her exceptional inspiration

nana-aramyan-08(Azad-Hye Special: By Emma Kant):

Contrast colors, dreamlike paintings, picturesque and magical endless spaces, bright and subconscious images, emotionalism, warmness, conflicting states of mind, dark, but at the same time tense luminance, inspired with dreamlike pathways of life. These very emotions saturate the paintings of Nana Aramyan, the daughter of the well-known painting artist Vagharshak Aramyan.

A visit to her art studio can transfer one’s mind from the routine life to the world of surrealism, where the reality turns into a fantastic painting. The artist has a permanent hero; her dog Nifradita, present in many of her paintings.

Nana is not the only artist in her family; her husband Narek Avetisyan – the son of famous artist Minas Avetisyan is also engaged in art, specifically abstractionism. The couple has never had any disagreement; they share advice and ideas. Nana and Narek have two children, who, however, have chosen other specialties – a designer and a physicist.

Nana has been professionally studying art from the age of ten. She has had exhibitions both in Armenia and abroad: the U.S., Italy, Austria, France, etc. She has also presented her works in the international contemporary art exhibition in Italy’s “Venice Biennale”.

The artist has been inspired with classical art and Baroque, as well as surrealism, metaphysical art and Dadaism, which is reflected in the turbulent images and sometimes erotic shades that can be traced in her unrealistic architectural constructions, magical endless spaces, classical sculptures, distorted spaces, diverse micro engineer and cybernetic mechanisms, dreamlike endless routes and inhuman characters. Purple is the dominating color in the artist’s work; it is reflected as a magical color, while the dark background creates a fascinating, cosmic surreal space.
Nana Aramyan believes that sincerity is the essential distinctive feature of any artist; it is reflected through the painting.

“Basically I draw series of paintings and my source of inspiration is life in all its manifestations. What can’t be said in words, can be expressed through art. There is no medial approach to surrealism; one either loves it or not. In my work I also cover the topic of loneliness, which is frequently discussed in contemporary art, where issues related to individual’s self-opposition are raised”, adds Nana.

Nana Aramyan’s next exhibition will take place very soon.


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