3rd Pan-Armenian Painting Day Contest

3rd Pan-Armenian Painting Day Contest

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Azad-Hye is pleased to announce media partnership with the 3rd Pan-Armenian Painting Day Contest. We will try to attract the Armenian schools in the Middle East and worldwide into this Contest.

The Pan-Armenian Painting Day Contest aims at getting Armenian children and youth in Armenia and abroad to be involved in nature preservation affairs through paintings. It helps remind all participants that Armenia has a unique natural landscape.

The contest started in 2008 and involved first those residing inside Armenia, but since then the Contest has welcomed participants from many countries.

The winners are chosen by an independent jury according to age categories. There are four age groups: 5-8, 9-12, 13-17, 17-30 years old.

As part of the Painting Day activities hundreds of children gather in a park in Yerevan every year for open air painting. They create hundreds of paintings dedicated to environmental issues. They decorate hundreds of wooden tables which are taken for this special event from kindergartens, schools and orphanages. The added colours will certainly enrich the daily life of thousands of children, serving also as a reminder to the young generation for taking care of Armenia's precious natural heritage.

The Painting Day is organized yearly by the ?Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets? (FPWC). 

To participate in the online 3rd Pan-Armenian Painting Day Contest, you need to be “an Armenian by nationality or spirit, be enthusiastic about creating paintings dedicated to nature and environmental issues, feel concerned about nature protection everywhere on the world and especially in Armenia and have an aspiration toward arts”.  

After registration you will receive login details and then you can start uploading your paintings. This year's topics include: 1) Nature of my Motherland, 2) SOS for Nature and 3) The zoological park of my dreams. 

The deadline for paintings' submission for the Contest is 20 November 2010. 

Please contact Satenik Sargsyan for more information at satenik(at)sunchild.org

Website: http://www.paintingday.sunchild.org/

Samples of participating drawings: