Armenian Council launches website

Armenian Council launches website

Group photo of the members of the Council's Committees


The Council of the Armenian Community in Dubai and Northern Emirates is preparing to launch its own website.

The stylish website, with parallel English and Armenian versions, will serve the community as an important source of information for Armenians living in the UAE and for the increasing number of new comers.

The main pages of the website are as follows:

1) Home: Provides links to all pages in the website in an easy and comfortable way.

2) Community: About the Community; Council?s Message and Committees.

3) Church: History of the Saint Gregory the Illuminator Church; Father Aram?s Message; Sunday School, The Monument of the Armenian Alphabet and Church Calendar.

Subdivisions include: The Church Construction Committee; About the Armenian Sunday Schools and Sunday School Calendar.

4) School: Ohannesian School; Admission and School Announcement.

5) Events: Upcoming Events; Past Events; Announcements and Photo Gallery.

6) Useful Information: Church Membership Fees; Divine Liturgy and Religious Calendar.

7) About Us and Contact Us sections. The later is equipped with Google location map and contact details of the Armenian Church including eight useful email addresses that would facilitate communication with the following individuals and entities: Father Aram, The Council, Ohannesian School Board of Trustees, Cultural Committee, Ladies Committee, Church Council, Youth Council and Judicial Council.

“Good communication is the first step for improved understanding, better organization and proactive engagement”, the Council says in its introduction message. “Thus far communication in our community was confined to internal memos, meeting of committees, teachers, boards and councils, e-mailed announcements, face to face discussions at events, in the Church?s courtyard and listening to the grapevine…”, continues the Council.

Hailing the creation of the website, the Council expresses the wish that it will be “the platform that will assist our community members to keep in touch with their community?s activities and to contribute to them as often as they could.”

The Council promises to follow the website closely and to keep it as resourceful as possible. “In the next few months you will notice a new information gathering and dissemination process taking shape”, the message concludes.

Azad-Hye (established in UAE in 2003) congratulates all community members on the occasion of the launching of the website. “We still remember the first steps in 1999 when Sebouh Armenagian and other members of the community attempted to build the first website which lasted several months and the domain was not renewed. After 13 years the dream has come true. This is important step in modern information age and will certainly foster long-awaited spirit of transparency, accountability and responsibility in the community”, said Hrach Kalsahakian, Azad-Hye's Editor. “The material published in the website will enhance awareness and commitment towards public life. It will help Armenian and foreign journalists and researchers in their work”, he added.   

(Currently accessible at the following address

Upper part of the website's Home page: