Bethel secondary school in Aleppo receives a special note of merit

Bethel secondary school in Aleppo receives a special note of merit

Bether SchoolBy Azniv Sdepanian-Arabajian

Azad-Hye Special

In April, we remember the Armenian Genocide and our grandparents who suffered deprivation but never gave up. We look at the heritage they passed on to their children: love of the Armenian language, of our homeland, hope and love of God. This was enough for the new generation to continue on the right path, building churches and schools and strengthening the nation with the Armenian spirit.

Today, the Diaspora is an undeniable reality, where we enjoy the privileges of our second homelands, performing our duties and earning our rights. After almost one century, we can feel proud of what we have accomplished in Aleppo, after so many years of perseverance.

One of the dedicated church leaders in Aleppo is Reverend Haroutune Selimian, head of the Armenian Evangelical Community in Aleppo. One of the duties of the Reverend is to take care of the Bethel church and school in Souleymanieh, Aleppo, where he exerts his efforts to see in today?s generation what our forefathers wanted to achieve.

Upon an invitation by the Consul General of the Republic of Armenia in Aleppo, Arthur Manaserian, Rev. Haroutune Selimian and the administrative staff of the Bethel secondary school received a special letter of merit and excellence, awarded by the Ministry of Education and Science in Armenia.

The text of the letter says: ?The Ministry of Education and Science in the Republic of Armenia grants this letter of merit to the Armenian Evangelical Bethel College in Syria, in appreciation of its efforts in educating the new generation with the national spirit and in investing in them. This letter is given on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of this establishment?.

Translated by Nanor Mikayelian