Holy Liturgy explanatory handbook published in Antelias

Holy Liturgy explanatory handbook published in Antelias

Holy Liturgy explanatory handbookAn explanatory handbook of the Holy Liturgy of the Armenian Church was recently published in Antelias with the aim of encouraging public participation in the church services.


The handbook provides explanation in the form of footnotes on each page about all the acts involved in a particular service and the movements of the celebrant, so believers can keep track of what goes on the Holy Altar.


Editor V. Rev. Krikor Chiftjian writes in the editor's note section of the handbook: “Of the writings that have reached us from the Holy Fathers of the Armenian Apostolic Church grouped in this book are the symbolic explanations of Holy Liturgy. This is not an attempt to interpret Holy Liturgy, but an effort to encourage the participation of our people in it.” He expresses hope that the handbook will bring the Armenian believer closer to Holy Liturgy.




New volume of religous textbook released in Antelias


The fourth volume of the religious textbook series, preparation of which started last year in Antelias, was published recently by the Catholicosate of Cilicia's publishing house. The volume includes biblical and religious topics prepared specially for 12 year old schoolchildren.


The series, being prepared under the directions of His Holiness Aram I, comes to satisfy a need felt for long in Armenian and Sunday Schools given the necessity to modernize the existing textbooks. Upon the Pontiff's decision, V. Rev. Krikor Chiftjian of the Cilician Brotherhood edited the volume.


The series is the result of the joint efforts of the Catholicosate of Cilicia's Publishing Committee, the Prelacy of Lebanon and the Gospel Light and World Vision organizations. In addition to general religious information, the textbooks include information on the history of the Armenian Church, feasts and traditions as well as basic information about the church's saints.


Given that it is prepared for young schoolchildren, the textbook also has sections on in-class exercises and games, colored pictures and iconography. The first cover of the textbook has the picture of “the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus” by K. Khandjian, whereas the second cover has the picture of the silver-coated cover of “The Bible of Partsrapert” (1248, Cilicia Museum, Antelias).


The textbook also has a teacher's guide that provides pedagogical explanations for each lesson.


Source: Newsletter no. 64/07, Catholicosate of Cilicia, 23 June 2007



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Religious textbook series published in Antelias