Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO visits an orphanage house in Yerevan

Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO visits an orphanage house in Yerevan

1IAF spreads smiles – Muskan

Kids are our future. We should take care of them if we want to have a bright future.

Since the great holidays of Christmas and New Year is approaching, everyone needs to be surrounded with love, care and warmth. This is the most joyful time especially for children. Unfortunately there are lots of children living in orphanage houses who need special care and attention from the society, as they are devoid of this special gift.

To meet this need Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO with the help of the Embassy of India in Armenia decided to share the happiness and smiles with them and hence to organize a visit to one of Orphanage houses in Yerevan.

On December 28th IAF members visited the Orphanage house after Mari Izmiryan in Yerevan. A call for participation and support was announced 10 days before the event which got a huge response among the group members. As a result numerous toys, clothes, stationery and the most important lots of smiles were gifted to the kids.

Embassy of India provided the event with special edition of Namaste India – a collection of poems for the kids in Hindi by Prof. Anita Verma translated into Armenian by Hripsime Nersisyan.

After getting introduced about India and its culture the kids enjoyed a performance of an Indian traditional dance MAHA GANAPATHIM by two students of YSMU Maria Vincent and Seraphim Angel Davird. The fun and joyful interaction with the kids was followed by visit of Dzmer Papi (Santa Claus) who helped the kids to decorate the Christmas tree and handed them over the presents.

Source: IAF blog, 29 December 2011