From an Armenian in Kuwait to President Obama

From an Armenian in Kuwait to President Obama

Giragos Kuyumjian

Giragos Kuyumjian

Honorable Barack H. Obama
President of the United States of America
The White House
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. President,

I would like to express my sincere congratulations for having been elected as the President of the United Sates of America and took over the office in such an impressive and monumental ceremony. Allow me, Mr. President, to extend such congratulations to myself as well, since you have been my favorite candidate, as you were to millions of people worldwide, although I am not an US citizen.

Indeed, I am as happy as those millions around the world who had great expectations of your presidency at the personal, national and international levels. Each one of them, including myself, has his or her own expectations of a man known for this integrity, bravery, wisdom, and more importantly, a remarkable president.

Mr. President

Many people in the United Sates and all over the world were motivated in the principle of ?change?, the slogan of your election campaign, which you have selected as a motto, action plan and methodology for your presidency. They believed that you have opened a new window of hope for a bright future. We certainly wish you and your administration will be able to fulfill our expectations.

We the Armenian people, wish that the Change to come is represented in cling to your conviction, that what the Armenian people had suffered by the end of World War I, by the hands Ottoman Empire, then ruling Turkish regime, was a true act of complete and widespread Genocide and not mere limited unfortunate events of war, or any such definitions that we have bitterly heard during the last two decades.

Let the expected Change be represented in defining thing as they were after the election as defined before. Let the Change be adhering to the same attitude you have expressed in time and again, since you were a Senator, whether in your writing or your speeches in which you have supported the cause of the Armenians and promised to enact this support if you are elected as the president. The reason behind this was your strong conviction that a right is more everlasting than power and that a culture of justice should dominate the new American diplomacy. This is indeed a brave stand, which made us so happy and filled with more hope and gave us more determination and persistence to follow up our just cause.

Dear Mr. President

We are few days away from the painful memorial anniversary of the victims of the Armenian Genocide of April 24, 1915. During this barbaric event a total of 1.5 Millions innocent victims from our people were killed for no reason, but being unluckily located in a place that derail the Turkish nationalist territories expansion plan.

In this regards, let me say that unfortunately, your great country did not officially and properly recognize this catastrophe, unlike more that twenty countries all over the world, thirty American States and the majority of the US congressmen, who often express their support to our cause. The recognition of your administration, in spite of all the political pressures and deceitful propaganda that aim for burying our Cause, would be a great push for international justice.

After more than 600 years of occupation, oppression and we have suffered a lot and more of which is still prevailing. The hearts and eyes of millions of Armenians in their homeland and those in Diaspora including in the US, along with millions of people worldwide are looking forward to the White House to hear from you on the historical date (April, 24) for a presidential commemorative statement, an explicit denunciation of the Armenian massacre.

Such historical episode will constitute a crucial victory for humanity for the civilized world, and the values of justice and will dispel fears of recurrence of similar atrocities in the future.

With support of you and your great nation, the Armenian people hope to regain a significant part of their long-denied rights, which will send a clear massage to the perpetrators-whoever they were and wherever they may be ? that they will, sooner or later pay for their criminal acts and deeds.

Mr. President,

I am rushing my letter after hearing that you are planning to visit Turkey at a crucial moment for us, the Armenians. In this occasion, we hope that this visit will be an opportunity to confirm and strengthen your conviction and support to our just cause, the nobility of our motives and a consolidation to the American role of peacemaking.

We hope, Mr. President, that you will raise this important issue with the Honorable Turkish leaders and you will urge them to acknowledge the material and moral rights of the Armenian people and to amend the relations of good neighborhood with our homeland, which ?if fulfilled- would have its positive reflections, not only for both nations, but for all the people in the region.

Mr. President

We welcome you for this historical visit to the region, I believe this visit is an exceptional event, and it would be great if you could visit the nearby Armenia also which will bring great happiness to us.

We are looking forward for your blessed support and crucial assistance.

With sincere regards,
Giragos N. Kuyumjian
March 24, 2009

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