Carapiet —

An Indian Armenian hockey player

On the occasion of the death of Joe Galibardy another hockey player in London in 2011, reporter Ashok Mitra (The Telegraph, Calcutta, India, 20 June 2011) mentioned among other things the following: 

“One team playing in the hockey league was the Armenian Club, chock-full of members of the Jewish community. Armenian merchants for a long time had a near-monopoly of the city's real estate business; they loved hockey. Their scions did courses at St. Xavier's College till as late as the fag end of the 1940s, when some of them drifted into Utpal Dutt's Little Theatre Group.

The fate of the Armenians has been no different from that of the other ethnic group which contributed so sumptuously to Calcutta's hockey. Galibardy, who had quietly migrated to England more than half-a-century ago, has emerged as a news item only on the occasion of his death. Nobody knows what happened to the Tapsell and Carvalho families and to the rest of the lot. The extraordinary churning of ethnic diversity that marked the city's fading colonial phase had a flavour of its own. Does not this slice of social history cry out to be researched?” 

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