Dziadzan Children Choir's latest performance

Dziadzan Children Choir's latest performance

Dziadzan Children's ChoirAGBU Cairo?s Dziadzan Children?s choir latest performance ?My friends and I? was held at the Belekdanian hall on Sunday 22nd June at 8:00 pm.

The joyful recital included 15 songs, all in Armenian, about friendship, our motherland Armenia, family bonds, children?s dreams and aspiration.

Friendship starts with a smile” was the theme of the evening and each of the 15 songs took up a message or an important value of our everyday life.

The children enjoyed singing as much as we enjoyed listening. They looked really cute in their colorful Dziadzan T-shirts surrounded by the tasteful colorful decoration.

On stage, the children were very sure of themselves, they interacted very well with the songs, demonstrating their full grasp of the words? meanings and significance. They also surprised us with three nice solo dances and several poems.

Maestro Mihran and Mrs. Kohar Ghazelian did a great job with the children. Besides teaching songs, they were able to teach values through simple words and cheerful songs.

Thanks also to all those who contributede in the performance: Ani Ohanessian as the narrator, Aline Djizmedjian, Caroline Arslanian & Saad Naguib for the beautiful decoration & Suzan Karkour for the dances.

The songs were the following: My friends & I, With my friends, When smile shines, Dziadzan, Gabig, Khaghig Maghig, Menk Zinvor yenk, Yerk Hairigi, Hayasdan, Karoun Yerevan, Anoush Khaghogh, Dziler, Diezerk & Yerazank.

Source: “AGBU Egypt” website, Cairo, 22 June 2008

Click play to watch the choir sing live on YouTube (9 minutes)